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Eve Assisted Living remains open for pre-screened and safe admissions during this period. For more information about our COVID-19 admissions procedure, please click here.



The transition to an Assisted Living Community begins with the decision that you or a loved one needs assistance.

It is a process and adjustment to a new environment, routine and community.  

You and family will have logistical questions as well as those that pertain to your privacy, emotions and community.  That is normal.  From the coordination of movers to what to bring with you, we are here to help.  Below are just a few ways to start planning if you have made the decision that assisted living service are right for you or a loved one.  

  • Privacy: A common concern is will I lose my privacy?  No, your suite is your home and you dictate your schedule, visitors and routine.  We are here to complement your schedule and routine while respecting your privacy, independence and dignity. 
  • Expectations: Understand the move – in protocol, amenities and services.  Coordinate with administrators to obtain all literature and have your questions answered before you make your decision.  
  • Measure: Obtain the measurements and an architectural layout of your suite.  This will help you in deciding what furniture to bring and what to put into storage. Be sure to get the measurements of the suite you will be moving into and not a model. Consider: 
    • Living area 
    • Bedroom 
    • Bathroom 
    • Closet
    • Counter space in kitchen   
  • Prepare: It is easy to become overwhelmed, so take it slow and give yourself time.  Start packing and sorting through your cloths and heirlooms in advance.   
  • Movers: Coordinate the actual move day’s logistics.  Speak with your new community; many have staff that will assist you or a relationship with a local moving company with whom they have negotiated preferred rates. 
  • Reach out: Do not underestimate or brush aside your emotional reaction to the transition.  Contact friends, family and your community’s move-in coordinator to help resolve any uncertainties.  
  • Time: Give yourself time to adjust.  Each person’s transition and situation is different.
  • Explore: Do not isolate yourself.  Explore your new community, sign up for activities, introduce yourself to neighbors and familiarize yourself with your new town.  
  • Ask: Do not hesitate to ask questions, your neighbors will have answers as well as the community’s administrators. 
  • Each person and each transition is unique.  If you have questions or are uncertain, you are not alone.  We are here to help as are your family, friends and neighbors.